7 Easy Steps to Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs.

  • Discovery how to identify limiting Beliefs.
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and where they came from.
  • Go through the seven easy steps to replace your limiting beliefs with more empowering ones.
  • Learn to start living in the present moment.
  • Accept where you are and learn how to change your state of mind.
  • Repeat the process easily as and when you need to in the future.

Some Testimonials on what I Can Do For You

johndutton 500 x 500
“Richard has been affiliated with us as a governing body in South Africa for over ten years, in that time he has upheld the ethical code for Practitioners to the highest level. He is always looking to develop new techniques to assist his clients in whatever they seek to achieve. As one of our advanced practitioners, I am confident that when I refer you as a prospective Client to him, you will be in safe, professional hands. This book is a must read and is based on the innovative techniques and impeccable high standards that Richard has become known for”.


John Dutton, (Principal of SAMHA, Leading Researcher and facilitator with over 25 years’ experience, author and globally recognized as a leading expert in hypnosis).


Max Kaan 500 x 500
“Few speakers can captivate their audience with their opening sentence. Even fewer can actively engage the listener throughout the entire speech. Richard is one such speaker, with his mellifluous, gravelly voice, which is pleasing to the ear and his ability to encapsulate the essence of his entire speech in one sentence. Richard has carried this unique gift across to his writing. His latest book “Hit Refresh Now” does just that, it gets straight to the point with the force of a knockout blow. A must read!”

 Max Kaan, (Television and Stage Personality, Author, International Business Coach, Master of Ceremonies, Internationally acclaimed Hypnotist, Over 3000 stage shows, member of Toastmasters International and The Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.).


Meghan Booyens 400 x 400
“Richard has helped me greatly in my preparation for various national and international karate championships. I found my focus; intensity and general mental state were greatly increased with his help. I highly recommend his excellent services to everyone, at any level in their sporting journey. The higher you climb the ladder of success, particularly in sport, the more important your mind and your attitude becomes. This is where Richard is able to give you an edge over the competition”

Meghan Booyens, (Silver medallist JKS World Championships 2011 & 2013, Bronze medal All Africa Games 2018, 4th Dan Black belt, Personal trainer and owner at Functional Fitness Gym).



Reece Haikney 500 x 500
“When I had difficulties in maintaining my form and confidence to close out in several golf tournaments, I was referred to Richard Morris. Richard helped me to refocus and remove any doubts about my abilities to win consistently. The process he took me through was short and effective and led to major successes in my golf career. Shortly after I worked with Richard, I even managed to land a hole-in-one. I highly recommend Richard’s services and this book is based on the same simple and effective principles that I was taught and carry with me today. Everyone should have a copy of this book “.

Reece Haikney, (Golf’s Premier IPT Most Valuable Player (MVP), Golf RSA Junior Team and University Sports South Africa Team member, winner Junior Order of Merit and Junior Champion of champions tournament 1999). 



Andre Kok 500 x 500
“After I had a double hip replacement operation, Richard helped me greatly to manage the levels of pain that I was experiencing. This enabled me to return to full training and to preparation of my students for national and international competition. I also noticed significant improvements in the focus and mindset of my students when Richard worked with them”.

Shihan Andre Kok, (8th Dan Black belt Karate, Technical Director of JKS karate South Africa, Head Coach South African National JKS Karate team, Gold and Silver medalist JKS karate World Championships, Owner Karate School of Champions).



Stethoscope 500 x 500
“Richard has always been impressive in his logically factual approach to life; definitely the engineer. His acerbic wit is uplifting at the most ridiculously strenuous of times; definitely, the quintessential British sense of humour. Mix into this a profession one might consider esoteric rather, than scientific and you have Richard Morris.
His approach to hypnosis is met with the credibility afforded him due to problem resolution, focus and maintaining a client’s sense of worth.”
Dr. Toulouse Cazes M.D. (General Practitioner in family practice for over 20 years).